Kane is our next generation sporting dog. We selected Kane from a breeding of Brody and Indi. 

Kane's pedigree speaks for itself {see home page for pedigree}. Brody, Kenai, Rooster and on and on. Selecting a pup from this breeding was an easy decision. Kane is presently in training with Dale Swiderski of Hunters Rose Kennel.

Kane Health clearances and Accomplishments

Health Clearances

OFA Hips = LR-244231G24M-VPI Good

OFA Elbows = LR-EL93335M24-VPI Normal

2020 CERF = LR-EYE19005/25M-VPI

EIC = LR-EIC5355/22M-PI Normal/Clear

CNM = LR-CNM2727/22M-PI Normal/Clear

Prcd/PRA = LR-PRA2576/22M-PI Normal/Clear

RD/OSD = LR-RDY910/22MPI Normal/Clear

SD2 = LR-SD2-69/22M-PI Normal/Clear

DM = LR-DM1253/22M-PI Normal/Clear

HNP = LR-H967/22M-PI Normal/Clear

AKC DNA #V910322

DNA Coat Type EE-bb Black, Yellow and Red does not carry Chocolate

AKC Reg #SS02297001

UKC Reg #R230-487

DOB = 11-24-17


CPR title 6-21-19 (APLA)

Seasoned pass 8-17-19 (HRC)

Seasoned Pass 8-18-19 (HRC)

MPR 9-8-19 (APLA)

GMPR 9-13-19 (APLA)

Seasoned Pass 9-21-19 (HRC)

HR Title 9-22-19 (HRC)

1.5xGMPR 9-15-19 (APLA)

2xGMPR 9-28-19 (APLA)