Packerland Upland Bird Dog Challenge

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4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH  Brody is a 60 to 65lb. fox red male, he is owned by Jerry Rausch. Dale Swiderski (Hunters Rose Kennel) trained and handled Brody for his current APLA and HRC titles. For breeding information contact 

 Jerry Rausch, call or text 920-570-2251

The following titles were achieved by 18 months of age: 

•CPR- May 5th, 2012 (Certified Pointing Retriever) 

•APR- May 20th, 2012  (Advanced Pointing Retriever) 

•MPR- September 9th, 2012 (Master Pointing Retiever) 

•GMPR- September 15th, 2012 (Grand Master Pointing Retriever) •1.5xGMPR- September 16th, 2012 •2xGMPR- September 22nd, 2012 •2.5xGMPR- September 23rd, 2012 •3xGMPR- October 6th, 2012 

•HR- July 1st, 2012 (Hunting Retriever)  

Brody is an outstanding marker and retriever, relentless in the field running big and hard but solid in the scent cone with a stylish and staunch point he is easily handled on blind retrieves and is steady in the duck boat and blind. Brody is primarily a hunting dog enjoying duck and goose hunting along with upland birds in Wisconsin are our primary focuses in the fall with  a few trips to the plains states for pheasants in the past few years and future plans for some out of state duck and goose hunting it is and obsession that we live for and having a dog that does it all makes it all that more pleasurable. At home Brody enjoys the good life as a family pet and companion he is a perfect gentleman in the house which he shares with our Chihuahua (Lola) and our cat (Go Go); he has a fantastic on-off switch.  When the hunting season winds down Brody and I participate in the Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series along with  BDC events and some guiding at local game farms. Brody has excelled at these events much faster than I have proving his fast work and staunch point in the field. Training in the off season never ends and Brody and I are presently pursuing future AKC and HRC titles.  Brody has now sired multiple litters with pups showing intelligence, drive, trainability and natural point with a ton of birdiness. Look for some of these pups in the near future at APLA, HRC and AKC events. Check out his Pedigree/Pups page for future, present and past breeding's.


•CPR- May 5, 2012 

•APR- May 20, 2012

 •HR- July 1, 2012

 •MPR- September 9, 2012 

•GMPR- September 15, 2012 

•1.5GMPR- September 16, 2012 

•2xGMPR- September 22, 2012 

•2.5xGMPR- September 23, 2012 

•3xGMPR- October 6, 2012 

•3.5xGMPR- June 1st, 2013 

•4xGMPR- June 2nd, 2013 

•2nd Place- Packerland Upland Bird Dog Challenge (Jan. 2013) 

•Dog of The Year overall 3rd Place - Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series (2014) 

•Dog of The Year overall 5th Place - Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series (2015)

 • AKC -Senior Hunter - August 22. 2015

 •Dog of The Year overall 5th Place - Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series (2016) 

•AKC Master Hunter pass #1 August 28, 2016

  • 3rd Place Packerland Bird Dog Series 12/16/17
  • 3rd place Packerland Bird Dog Series 1/6/18

Health Clearences

•OFA Hips LR-202753E24M EXCELLENT 
•OFA Elbows LR-EL58364M24 NORMAL 
•2018 Eye CERF LR-EYE5896/83M-PI 
•AKC DNA # V690381 
•AKC Registration # SR67174804 
•UKC Registration # R230-748-D 
•DNA Coat Color Type V BB-ee (Y) carries black and yellow. Does not carry chocolate.

About Us

The quest for Brody


The quest for Brody began back in 2008. Karen (my wife) and I were the lucky winners of a hunting trip of a lifetime. We were flown to Alberta Canada to hunt waterfowl with the legendary Sean Mann. This trip was filmed and aired on the program Escape to the Wild. After three days of shooting duck after duck and watching Sean’s lab Max retrieve numerous double and quadruple marks along with blind retrieves. Both Karen and I knew this is the caliber of lab we someday would own.  

Fast forward to 2010. After a successful spring turkey hunt both Karen and I was admiring the fallen Tom when a neighboring lab wandered into our neck of the woods and much to our amazement locked up and pointed the dead turkey. Neither of us had ever seen a pointing lab before.  Since we love to both waterfowl and upland hunt and have owned retrievers that always excelled at one or the other, the pointing lab was the obvious choice for our next dog.  

The search began and after many hours of research and phone calls we narrowed the choice down to the Kenai and Jesse litter. Brody’s pedigree speaks for itself, Kenai, Gator the Black Forest line and many more with this type of foundation we knew the outcome would be promising.  At six months of age we sent Brody off to train with Dale Swiderski of Hunter Rose Kennel with hopes of having the best hunting dog we have ever owned. After 14 months of age and his CPR title, Brody was advancing so quickly through training it was an easy decision to keep him going. Training and competing with two of his litter mates Viper and Stryker the “Brody Bunch” as they were nicknamed all Master titled together under the watchful eye of their Sire Kenai which earned his unofficial 8XGMPR at the same time.  

If you are looking for the most versatile hunting dog,  look no further than the pointing lab and while you are at it start with one of the best foundations out there.

The versitile Pointing Lab

Brody doing a little bird and duck hunting

Our Team


Brody / Kane


2xGMPR HR Master Brody's Raising "Kane"

Kane is our next generation pointing lab. Kane is presently in training with Dale Swiderski of Hunters Rose Kennel. Dale reports Kane is following the training program and has what it takes to be a great pointing retriever. Look for Kane to be running APLA, AKC and HRC in 2020. 

Kane finished the 2019 hunt test season with his 2xGMPR and HR titles and will back running 2020 in hopes of more ribbons.